Rick Carmody


Rick began his successful 30-year career in residential and commercial interior design after graduating from the University of Wisconsin. He moved to Michigan as General Manager of the Domicile home stores, worked as a popular
designer for Hudson's and is owner of Au Courant, his own design business. Rick's work has been published locally in "Monthly Detroit", "Hour" magazine and "Metropolitan Detroit" as well as "Traditional Home" and "Better Homes and Gardens" nationally. A strong supporter of the arts and artists, he has served on the Board of Directors of the Detroit Artist's Market and The ‘Understudies’ for the Hilberry Theater. Rick has participated in the Symphony Showhouse and Junior League of Detroit Showhouses since 1984.

Rick's work is client-centered, creating a home that reflects the owner's preferences, needs and budget. He believes good design is multi-layered, bringing together the client's practical and emotional needs as well as good product. He encourages his clients to look at art as an important part of their design project. Rick greatly enjoys finding out what works for people to make their lives work in a fulfilling way.


"I had my dream house — and I had no idea what to do next. Typically, I knew what it 'didn’t like.' Rick Carmody, of Au Courant, helped me define what I did like, and would enjoy living with. Just as important, was achieving those choices within a budget. In the interim 20 years, Carmody has continued to be an important influence on significant projects and art choices."

Claire Weber

"As a former design editor, I saw and featured the work of many talented designers. Personally, I chose to work with Rick Carmody. Not only does he have a fine eye, but the process of working with him is great fun. He spends his clients’ money wisely. Rick was comfortable using furnishings and antiques I already owned and listened to my preferences. He knew when to economize and when to splurge. I so enjoyed working with Rick that we undertook several projects together. They all still look great and remain timeless."

Suzy Farbman